Dan Fester Plays With Himself

Dan Fester - One man Band

Forget a one-man band. Dan Fester is a one-man dance party.


With over 2,000 shows under his belt, its hard to know where to even begin to tell the story of the 30-year-old artist.

 A well-studied musician, who began playing shows regularly at 13 years old, his frequently updated catalog features more than 400 songs that the audience can choose from to guide the show, in addition to originals and improv jams thrown in along the way. Dan is a live-looping artist, using synthesizers, electronic drum kit, guitar and vocal manipulation to create a full spectrum sound. A sampling from his eclectic mix includes murder ballads from Johnny Cash, the epic guitar jams of Jimi Hendrix and fan favorites from Prince and the Beatles. But the roster doesn’t stop there. His flexibility is apparent in his take on today’s hip-hop and electronic dance music. Drawing on tunes from Kendrick Lamar, Flaming Lips, Drake, Calvin Harris and Daft Punk ), a mere cover just doesn’t cut it: he plays the role of musical magician as he elevates, renovates and remixes songs to his taste, coaxing his auditory mashups into something transcendent. Prince becomes dub, Beatles become neo-funk, the Doors get a grimy layer of bass and Led Zep is hip- hop. 

Dan has lived and performed all over Ohio, as well as Nashville, Florida and now Las Vegas. In three years of moving to Vegas, Dan has played almost every property on the strip, including a one year residency at the MGM Grand. Dan currently plays 4-5 nights a week in Las Vegas on and off the strip. Be sure to check the show calendar and come out.