1. Fallingwater

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


A king beds big but a queen is for lovers
And That might be where we lost each other
I guess it could be something I said or
something I missed
getting old without you
Would be in vain
And I’ve done enough to
Deserve that pain
It’s just to spend the rest of my days, dreaming of your kiss.

This should be easy
My hand is free
You just gotta believe me
I’ll take care of your love
No lookin in the rear view
All I know is I want you
Keep doing what you do
Ill take care of your love

Well the weight of your world might be a little heavy
But if beauty was a flood then you’d break the levy
if it shatters my soul, I’d still try to carry it all .
They broke the mold, well beyond repair
The way your eyes hide behind you hair
If your lights shining I’m running to collect the call.

When love gets lost, it’s under the covers
The nights in your arms, unlike any other
It’s easy to feel but so much harder to say
I hold you above, high as a mountain
And tomorrow my sorrow will flow like a fountain
If I can’t wear your warmth, when I awake.