1. Distraction

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


I need a better distraction
Just keep me occupied
Dont let it get quiet, the sound of silence
Will wake the beast inside

Live by the law of attraction
Chasin dragons for fun
Grab me by the mind Get to wasting my time
Its just circles around the sun

I need a better distraction
Put me under a spell
Reality’s a technicality
That I would gladly bid farewell

The best is lesser than before
What else is left here to explore
Its Repetition At its core
It Leaves us all wishin for more

I need a better distraction
Something to keep me engaged
I need some stimuli to keep tantalized
Or I might start to see the cage

Just Let me be your distraction
Let me get stuck in your head
Let the same old songs play all day long
we’ll keep dancing til were dead

I want to feel a reaction
Somehow I lost my voice
You think your free, till one day you see
Its just illusion of choice

I need a better distraction
Im overflowing with void
All the obscene is coming in too clean
Cover it up with some noise