1. Bleed

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


The worst is thirst
but you get what you deserve
Wasted in a wasteland
beneath a wake of birds
You can’t eat the dollar
and you can’t drink the dirt
You can’t bet with water
til you know what its worth

If it don’t rain here,
How can a man get clean?
If there ain’t no shame here
Why would he ever leave ?
You might make a name here
Or your might make believe.
But the longer you stay here
The more you’re gonna bleed.

Well it don’t rain here
So there ain’t no money trees
Just loathing and fear
far as the eye can see
You pay to get played here
Keep feeding the machines
Its All you can eat pain here
The only thing that’s free

Well it don’t rain here
But were drowning in disease
There’s tunnels full of tears
Right Underneath our feet
What happens here stays here
Do You know what that means
If you lose your way here
They’ll throw you in the street