1. Blow

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


Dryin out in the desert sun
Not fooling anyone
Spent four years on the run
For the wrongs done by my gun

No place to show my face
No way to win this race
I must accept my fate
And swallow my disgrace

Ahhhh lord she shoulda known
Ahhhh that I was gonna blow

My love I felt her true
No wrong that she could do
I thought I’d thought it through
But now those thoughts I rue

Undressed you understand
In the arms of another man
I could have cut and ran
But the devil took my hand

Ahh lord she shoulda known
Ahhh that I was gonna blow

Two lovers in my sights
Two shots rang through the night
Two wrongs left nothing right
So I left in the moonlight

Now I roam town to town
Getting by not getting found
I can only settle down
When they put me in the ground