1. Phonies

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


The end of reality
Is an ocean of code
Machines with memories
Have taken the boat
the snakes have made it
Into your home
To shove the Apple
down your throat

Ignorance you cant explain
Evidence were all insane
We had the chance to change
we chose to dance in chains

Its not right that you took it from me
Blew my mind, made me a phonie
Eyes so full of vacancy
missed the crime of the century
Its not right that you took it from me
Who decides ill be a phonie
Bow down before your screen
Its digitalamphetimine

There drainin your brain
They’ll make you a dope
When you want to check
they’ll try to sell you the rope
Were right where they want us
Glued to the show
They already own us
We were too slow

There making millions every night
When we plug in and dim our lights\
Settle in for the endless scroll
This misanthropic mind control