1. High

From the recording Rainbow House Sessions


The wait is over,
The end is neigh
My mouth is open
But the river is dry
Sorry how I missed you
You were in another state
The question is how
The answer is fate

You gotta Hold on to something
But don’t hold on to me
Ill be here for a moment
Then ill surely leave
It don’t feel like running
When you’re running free
It feels more like flying
High as I want to be

Im up up and out
Its better up than down
I doubled down on my doubts
That Id never say aloud
I said fuck all my fears
I said fuck all these years
I spent trying to remember
How the fuck I got here

Dont waste no time on worry
The end comes in a hurry
Your wrongs and your rights
Before the judge and jury
After I was a lover
I became just another
Changed it all together
To never have to suffer